Welcome to The Word To Go, developers of the Bible for your Mobile, from which we get our name.

With the  advances of smartphones and having the internet at your fingertips, our app is no longer a daily essential for those who wanted to have their bible on their phones.

So the company has diversified, and is now using it’s years of development experience to create great games for the download market, starting with our first exciting title, Camelot: the Beginning, a hidden object game, as popularized by Big Fish Games.

Bible for your Mobile

When we first started back in 2004, mobile were not smartphones yet. We were technologically way ahead of the game. We were able to fit the entire bible on your mobile, and if your mobile memory was too little, we were streaming the data to your mobile on the fly via gprs.

We were the first of our kind, and we began to distribute our app on as many platforms as we could in order to get the Word out.

When smartphones and iPhones came out, we were again there, offering our Word2Go app, with multiple translations and languages, so that you could literally carry your bible with you wherever you went. Literally, you took the Word to go.


The Word to Go is proud to present this hidden object puzzle adventure games based around the British mythology of the legends of King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table.

These legends are perfect for this genre, given their rich nature, steeped in swords and sourcery,  castles and magic lairs, fierce battles and romance, and of  course, the quest for the Holy Grail

Experience Camelot!

King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot

The Knights of the Round Table

Merlin and Morgana le Fay

Swords and Sourcery

Find the Holy Grail and save the Kingdom from ruin


The Word To Go Ltd:

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